Fun-filled, traumatic, joyous, troublesome, boring, cruel, pleasing, satisfying, challenging, tempting, misleading - yes Life is full of 'em - that is why life is so very SPECIAL - and yet the thrill is in "living" life! And all the accompanying ordeals are the frills attached with the thrills.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Am back...

... but where did I go in the first place? I was definitely sticking around all the time - just that I did not make any post. I guess just like the many many things, the euphoria with blogs also faded with time like how the craze with Orkut shifted to FaceBook, then came the blogosphere, to be taken over by tweets. I am suprised and wonder how certain bloggers still have the zeal to make regular posts. Hats off to them... and interestingly, all or atleast most of these bloggers seem to be totally 'uninfluenced' by the comments or hits they get.

As I was scanning through my old posts and comments, it kindled quite a many nice nostalgic moments where I realised I had made quite a few good blogger friends - whom I have not even met or know how they look. The only connection was through our blog posts. Nice!

And maybe many of posts should have been more concise and brief. Okay... hope I stick to my old trend of making atleast one post per month! and hope I get to meet my old blogger friends again...