Fun-filled, traumatic, joyous, troublesome, boring, cruel, pleasing, satisfying, challenging, tempting, misleading - yes Life is full of 'em - that is why life is so very SPECIAL - and yet the thrill is in "living" life! And all the accompanying ordeals are the frills attached with the thrills.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Life as an equation?

I only laugh at those numerous "character tests" found generously scattered everywhere - in books, magazines, internet. And with time, the popularity of such tests only seem to be on a rise. Ofcourse, with no disregard to others' feelings, I would only want to wonder why is that people seem thrilled when such tests 'claim' to reveal what they are - infact people would know better about themselves - won't they? and therefore, do they need a test for that?

What I deem to be funny is the way things are interpreted.
You like to go by the sea for holiday? then you are a sober and dull person.
You like to go to the hills? you are full of energy and enthusiasm.
And some poor little souls, would even find all ways, totally disjoint from their taste and mood, to alter their likes and dislikes just to fit into that 'seemingly perfect category'.

As I keep saying, life is such a wonderful thing and I just can't accept it as an equation. If x=y, then z=?. Mathematics and Science, according to me, will just not work on life's boundless horizon.

I like black and like black because I like black not because I am boring or dull or negative.

Isn't it high time to stop analysing people by such tests based on their likes and dislikes? And if you notice the analysis generally has two shades - a positive one and a negative one and generally the positive one carries the person off his feet and then the negative one brings him back making him remark "yeah! how true....".

And there are many such illogical attributions :
black for negativism, white for purity or goodness, height for success, depth for down fall...
Well, its okay as far as you attribute goodness to something but why attribute negativism?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Me? Beautiful? Ofcourse...

Who ever said beauty is only skin deep or looks don't matter? These statements, I would say, are heights of hypocrisy. Though I can understand the rationale behind such statements, I really wonder if people can be judgemental without going by looks (ofcourse, unless they are visually challenged)!

I've always felt the person with attractive looks has an edge over a person with not-so-attractive looks - be it an interview, a VJ hunt or even match finding to flimsy ones like who a VIP would probably shake hands with in a crowd, randomly choosing a person from the audience or next to whom a fellow passenger might take his/her seat!

All of us are entitled to form our opinions of people - not after years of being with them but by the first impression(s) which gushes into our minds by that very first glance. For some reason, some faces kindle a liking within us while some cultivate incomprehensible dislike just for no fault of theirs.

I am no better. But as I think now, looking back, almost all of the close relationships I made, relationships which I cherish are with people whom I might not rate as being very attractive by looks.

There have been times, long time back, when I used feel low for being dark and not being as good looking as I would want myself to be. And times when people have given me thumbs down, during various - but probably trivial - occasions because (I presume) of my looks. But fortunately, I have matured with time. I have realised that its not those momentary judgements which matter most but the long lasting impression which you make on others is what goes the long way.

I can't make myself adorable by my looks but definitely I can by what I am or by what I can be.
As I type this, I am reminded of this line from Padayappa :
"Mugathai therndhedukkum, nirathai therndhedukkum urimai unnidathil illai,
un vaazhkkai mattum undhan kayyil undu, adhai vendru edu"
(You don't have the choice to choose your face or your colour but your life is in your hands - win it!).

For all those people out there who have or had feeling as I did, remember that you are beautiful by heart, even if not, you can make it beautiful and this beauty is eternal.