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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Me? Beautiful? Ofcourse...

Who ever said beauty is only skin deep or looks don't matter? These statements, I would say, are heights of hypocrisy. Though I can understand the rationale behind such statements, I really wonder if people can be judgemental without going by looks (ofcourse, unless they are visually challenged)!

I've always felt the person with attractive looks has an edge over a person with not-so-attractive looks - be it an interview, a VJ hunt or even match finding to flimsy ones like who a VIP would probably shake hands with in a crowd, randomly choosing a person from the audience or next to whom a fellow passenger might take his/her seat!

All of us are entitled to form our opinions of people - not after years of being with them but by the first impression(s) which gushes into our minds by that very first glance. For some reason, some faces kindle a liking within us while some cultivate incomprehensible dislike just for no fault of theirs.

I am no better. But as I think now, looking back, almost all of the close relationships I made, relationships which I cherish are with people whom I might not rate as being very attractive by looks.

There have been times, long time back, when I used feel low for being dark and not being as good looking as I would want myself to be. And times when people have given me thumbs down, during various - but probably trivial - occasions because (I presume) of my looks. But fortunately, I have matured with time. I have realised that its not those momentary judgements which matter most but the long lasting impression which you make on others is what goes the long way.

I can't make myself adorable by my looks but definitely I can by what I am or by what I can be.
As I type this, I am reminded of this line from Padayappa :
"Mugathai therndhedukkum, nirathai therndhedukkum urimai unnidathil illai,
un vaazhkkai mattum undhan kayyil undu, adhai vendru edu"
(You don't have the choice to choose your face or your colour but your life is in your hands - win it!).

For all those people out there who have or had feeling as I did, remember that you are beautiful by heart, even if not, you can make it beautiful and this beauty is eternal.


Anonymous said...

Came accross your blog recently,it is simply mindboggling!Interesting to read ! will look forward to visit again.

Rajesh said...


Nicely Written.

Yes..Looks doesn't matter.

Its just the way how you approach
people that matters.

As long as you have a cool attitude..the World is in your hands.

Filtered Sambhar said...


outstandingly touching post da! u r very true abt wht u said.

certainly LIFE IS A BOON!!!

Ravi said...

don't know if the comment is a spam. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

thanks for coming by again. I second you on the 'cool attitude'. Rightly said!

Thanks for visiting after quite sometime (I know you were busy) and for your nice words too. I am happy that you were able to feel the essence of my blog title (Life is a boon)!! :-) Keep visiting.

வேதா said...

//Who ever said beauty is only skin deep or looks don't matter? These statements, I would say, are heights of hypocrisy.//
the above lines are 100% right.i used to comfort myself as above whenever i felt low.but as i grew,i jus started to live with the idea "yes i am dark ,not so attractive ,so what?" u could also imagine the plight of women is greater in this aspect. as u have said if u are not beautiful by looks,jus think that u are more beautiful in ur heart and with ur thoughts.great post yaar.

Ravi said...

I fully agree. Women's plight seem more grave than the men. I am happy that you are able to relate to the post. Thanks for your comments.

sthupit girl said...

very true.

I remember saying something along these lines on my blog when "fair and handsome" came into the market!!

well written.

like i say,
"...for that which is you and no one else is what makes you beautiful."

lotsluv,take care,

Ravi said...

Thanks for those nice words. I liked the quote of yours. Yes, I do remember that post of yours.

Viewer said...

U know u have touched a very important fact which many people are in denial of.

Most people do judge other by their appearance / beauty and still deny that they are doing so. I am glad u have brought up this topic and hope that atleast some pople will change their perspective after reading this.

"For all those people out there who have or had feeling as I did, remember that you are beautiful by heart, even if not, you can make it beautiful and this beauty is eternal." Ireally like this para :)

Balaji S Rajan said...

I am happy that you have matured. It is again more in our society. Our own parents make comments about the children in front of others. I still remember the lady who compared and commented on our complexion, when we were just married. The parents of nowadays have changed. I have heard comments in public, which those who make it do not understand, how much it would affect the person. I keep telling my family that all the external looks are not permanent. A fire accident can make anything worst. I still remember the scene in 'Apoorva Sakotharargal' where Srividya as mother used to comment on her son 'Appu' that he is dwarf. The way Kamal reacting for that was so natural. These are the basic reasons for someone becoming complexed. World will change.

Ravi said...

Yes, as I said, hypocrisy rules! and still many people get impressed by hypocrisy and honey dripping talk. Thanks for your comments.

I too hope, as you do, that world will change. Its not wrong to have an opinion based on looks - it may be natural but to what extent? drawing THAT line is what makes a difference. Thanks for coming by again. Please do keep visiting.

Prabu Karthik said...

there is something called Warren harding error.thedi parunga.

beautiful post

Ravi said...

Thanks for coming by. "Warren Harding Error" - wow! you've pointed me to a phrase which best describes my whole post. A new learning today! Thanks again.

vkn said...

Great attitude Ravi. I liked your padayappa words. Keep it coming! Will visit more. Cheers!

sthupit girl said...

i agree with viewer. I love that para too...

Ravi said...

Thanks for visiting and your nice words too. Keep coming by!

Thanks again! I wanted to finish with a er... a punch! Though this might not necessarily fit into the category of a punch comment, I thought it conveyed what I wanted to in short.

D'pak said...

hi ravi,
thanks for passing by and for your wishes!
this one's a good post, more of a practical one! and hey the line of Padayappa, is simply superb! my fav too!
keep going!

Ravi said...

hey deepak, thanks for dropping by and your nice comments too. Keep visiting!

Anonymous said...

ravi...a thing of beauty is a joy forever ....but the concept of beauty depends from person to person and even the most beautiful person maynot be the most attractive person......lemme tell u attraction is very different from the so called beauty ur talking abt...there are times when we don even realise that a young man of ur age in ur neighbourhood was very handsome but definitely u wud remember the opposite sex who may have been dark,mischeivous and whose very presence makes u feel glad.U may feel that she is the most beautiful again to be frank is a personal feeling......I also remeber a couple of especially i wud quote luv marriages wherein beautywise it would be a total mismatch but the reality is that there can be no family as beautiful as theirs....u would have to take mature decisions and not seem to fantacsize things

Ravi said...

Thanks for coming by. Point taken! Keep visiting

Sandai-Kozhi said...

WORD! in bold .

i completely have to agree.

magnificiantly written!

Ravi said...

Thanks a bunch!!