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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Madras is celebrating its "Madras week" and its so nice to showcase the reminiscence of this old city. Its amazing to learn that its close to 400 years since this city was 'incepted'. I somehow prefer the old name - Madras. Can't seem to come to terms with the reasons for changing this name to "Chennai". There is nothing 'foreign' about the name 'Madras'. As far as my knowledge goes, heard that the actual city of Madras was constituted from two villages (or towns) namely Madrasapatnam and Chennapatnam. There is a reference in today's Hindu about the origin of the city's name :

"There is some confusion about who named the city Madras but
in a map of south India dated 1596 and sketched by the Portuguese,
there is no mention of Madras though Miliapur existed. The Naiks, who
sold the land to British, wanted the city named after their father,

There may be many things which I detest about Madras but to me Madras would remain one my most loved cities ever! On the personal front, I was born here and spent major part of my life here and even now my 'base' continues to be Madras - its my 'home'. These apart I like Madras for its liveliness, briskness and simplicity! The city is up and active from the wee hours of the day till about close to midnight! The best part of Madras is that it has equal mix of tradition and westernization! I have often heard people comment about Chennai's conservative nature but I guess that is what makes Chennai "special". And as its usual self, Chennai is the "non-bragging" kind - never boasts about itself!

The December kutcheries, Adi maasam temple celebrations (sparing the cone speakers!!), shopping in Mambalam (who can miss the ever buzzing Ranganathan street), road side tea stalls, the 'euphoria' during any festive season, the Pallavan buses, Margazhi bajanais, Madisars, the Malls, theme parks, multiplex theatres, night clubs, pubs, wide range of eateries, beach - see... you have them all!

You needn't be an extravagant spender to enjoy life in Madras and that is its strength - giving its best to all kinds of people.

I just hope Madras remains the same - not too crowded, not too westernized, not too many self-centered people, not too costly but yet improving on these lines :
  • Cleanliness
  • Less processions/ bandhs
  • Less posters
  • Less multi storeyed apartments
  • More Trees/parks/playgrounds
  • Clean rivers - Adyar, Cooum and Buckingham canal
  • Still better transport
  • More Rains
  • Better water conservation/management
  • Law enforcement
  • More humane

Happy Birthday again Madras!!

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virdi said...

hi ravi
its cool.. i allow you... i am big show off... hehehe... :-)
madras is really cool place isn't it?? hot is great, never knew that...

Ravi said...

Virdi, Thanks for allowing me ;-) Glad to know you like Madras. Thanks for dropping by.

Viewer said...

Have never been to Madras but will love to do so

Ravi said...

Viewer, thanks for dropping by. Hope you can drop by to Madras too someday. Will be glad to assist you!

Vinesh said...

Thanks for so much information I didn't know about my own city!!!

And buddy, thanks so much for your nice words on my blog. Orange Juice is now back in supply! :-)

Ravi said...

Hey Vinesh, Nice to see you back buddy!! Welcome and make sure you don't disappear next time like this okay!!!! Its a warning!! ;-)

Arun R said...


I hate it for the weather, water and a few self-centered neighbours. I am not too appriciative of the fact that major parts of the city closes by 10-10:30 in the night. If u r late for dinner, then u need to go to Nungambakkam.

I love it when I compare it with Bangalore. No traffic jams and low cost of living.

But, one thing is sure - If u r a northie, with no knowledge of Tamil, then u will have a tough time in Chennai or any part of Tamilnadu.

Ravi said...

Arun, thanks for dropping by. I am not sure about the city closing by 10.30 pm. Maybe in some parts of the city but otherwise city is quite active. And about North Indians managing in TN, I am not too sure about that - maybe its just a fallacy 'coz I know a lot of North Indian friends who have made TN/Madras their home after being here. Language maybe a barrier to some extent but no interms of getting things done. I have heard many say that people are quite helpful and friendly.

Well, we have Virdi here (see first comment) who can give a better picture.

Sushil said...

Hi Ravi ,
I am a hard core "Madras" fan myself. I still have to struggle to bring myself to say "Chennai".
Glad to meet another person who likes the city.

Ravi said...

Sushil, thanks for coming by. Your profile pic is really cool... Nice to see another "Madras" fan.

prya_peppy said...

hey i read ur comments abt shriram parthasarathy . dude do u seriously even knoe him? is he a gundu fella? visit my blog and please reply

Ravi said...

for some reason I am not able to access your blog. Can you let me know your blog name so that I can try again. Thanks!