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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Holiday? Say that again!

Had a tiring week at work?
Not to worry, the weekend is not far away.

Want to catch up some sleep?
There's the weekend again!

Bored of everything.? Just want to relax and do nothing?
There's the weekend for that too.

Weekend seems to be the perfect excuse to do nothing. Probably that helps in a way too - to rejuvate one's energy, morale and spirits! But what about those 'mothers' who have no weekends, no holidays and who's only motive seems to be in the interest of others' well being?

Imagine a tiring trip back home. You would only wish if your place of retreat would come to you than having to walk till there! THUD! and you snuggle into your bed taking the previlege of not having to worry about any consequences. But even then, the 'mother', inspite of the fatigue, is all sleeves up in the kitchen just to feed the hungry stomachs.

Then there are the festive seasons. In today's era, the whole family is glued to their televisions or out with friends, except one soul - again the 'mother'! There is breakfast time, tea time, then lunch, evening snack time, dinner and apart from that the special occasions, guest visits, special luncheons, dinners... whew!

How often have we taken this role of a 'mother' for granted? Have we acknowledged the role in gratitude? or even given a thankful thought?

At times I wonder if even falling sick is a blessing in diguise for such 'moms' - a temporary rest to their legs which are in constant motion, a momentary stop to their toiling hands and probably a holiday forced upon them by God but definitely not for their minds. The mind is still pondering - what happens to the home without me? did he have his breakfast? did she have her clothes ironed? was there anything at all to eat in the house?

Yes, that is the 'mother' for you. Probably every one of us have such 'mothers' in our homes but maybe in different forms - a dad, a granny, an aunt, a warden, a care-taker or maybe even a house maid. The world may have changed with mind boggling technological advancements but a holiday for a 'mother'? Not yet - probably would never be! Let's give a thought as to what best we can do to give her, from time to time, a holiday which she truly, worthily deserves!


Viewer said...

My mother is a person who constantly haveto do something or the other , cooking, cleaning, dusting, arrainging if nothing else is there to do she will sit with her cross stitch......

I sometimes envy her enthu and the streagth she has to do soo much....

Balaji S Rajan said...

Yes.. if every male thinks about his mother in such a way and also treats his wife, as well as his bring up his son like him.... there will be a wonderful culture. BTW Ravi are you married? Continue the same even after your wife comes. Nice post.

Ravi said...

Yes, the strength/motivation which they manage to gather every time is truly mind blowing!

Thanks for coming by. As I said the 'mom' might be in different forms - dad, aunt, wife, sis... could be anybody. Yes, it would be wonderful if everyone realises as you had mentioned.

Priyamvada_K said...

Wonderful sentiment, indeed. I really appreciate this blog. I too try to invite moms home when I can. "Bachelors" have their sympathizers who invite them over for food, but what about moms who care for people, and then care some more?

Moms at the work place have no 'rest' either - weekend its just another type of work.


Ravi said...

Thanks for coming by. Its even more pathetic for these moms when they do a dual role - playing a mom role and working elsewhere too. It is during these times I am dumbstruck seeing the strength of women (considering the fact that mostly such roles are played only by women). Do keep visiting Priya.

sthupit girl said...

my mommmy bestest!

Indira said...

The proverb is 'It takes one to know one'. What are you? a giver or a taker?:)

Ravi said...

Thanks for dropping by after quite sometime. Sorry Indira, I am not able to get the inner sense of your comment. Can you please elaborate on that? Keep visiting.

Indira said...

I wanted to ask you Ravi, are you a care giver or just sits on the side and enjoy being taken care of kind of person?
My comment sounded so clever in my mind, not so in print:), sorry.

Ravi said...

Thanks for clarifying Indira. Infact I feel a kind of guilt when I am being taken care of. "What is it I am going to do or have done to get this?" would be the question I ask myself.

Anonymous said...

well ravi,
lucky wife of urs

manipayal said...

Very True Ravi.Ever smiling, tireless worker - mothers are simply great.