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Friday, January 12, 2007

Of the Karupayees and Muniyandis

Parents these days are very choosy about their kids' names. Nothing wrong there. But most feel the old names are not "fashionable" or they rather feel would impact the child's psyche when they grow up. What? I agree, to some extent that some names these days, do make an impression, like say "Karupayee" or "Muniyandi". Maybe on the first day roll call in college, all eyes would start looking for owner of the name, and also produce naughtly smiles but eventually Karupayee or Muniyandi could turn out to be a very lovable person.

So aren't people, seeding wrong prejudices, dislikes onto their kids' minds? What is in a name? Its just because people have started giving importance to trivial things, that we are losing out some good names. I am sure Krishnamurthys, Ramasamys are on the decline.
But its good to see that some people still choose very native and traditional names. But again, this constitutes a very low number.

I dont say its wrong to choose very trendy names (which again is very subjective) but if we don't show advocacy to our lineage, who else will?

And if one thinks trendy names are in and old names are out, I can only retaliate with this : "A Rose by any other name will smell as sweet... ".


Marutham said...

Enaku dhaan first seat!! :D
And haha...naan ilama vera yaru vandhalum suit agadhunu thonudhu...
POST made for me..hehe
enn peyara oor ulagathula elaarum kolai panirukaanga.. =))
AYo ayo...i can never forget those days.. First day of every SEM- teachers go crazy with my name.. And i had never felt ODD abt used to it. Thamizhnatla thamizh pera padika ivlo kashtamanu oru CHinna Kovam & Aathram thalai thookum.. Paavam paamararhal'nu vituduven
But very recently i made a great friend....simply coz' he kept pulling my leg- by playing with my name prnctns ...

But it is great pleasure to HOLD MY NAME! :) Thats t feeling i have evErytime some1 kills it!

Jeevan said...

Nowdays keep a celebraty name has becomes normal, what is in the name?

recenlt my uncle kept the name Sachin to his son, i don't know why people like to call their kids with some famous names.

Wish you and your Family a Happy Pongal:)

Ravi said...

Good that you were able to relate to it and am happy that unlike many people, you did not feel bad about your name - great going!!

Thanks for your comments Jeevan, HAPPY PONGAL to u too...

வேதா said...

nowadays people jus choose names that are tough to pronounce maybe they think thats modern, whats the use of the name when it is not pronounced properly? may its jus a trend.

Ravi said...

Veda, thats exactly my point too and moreover people dissent old names but why?

simplemissie said...

As per my..... whatever you want you can call it..(blind beleif) the kind of names you adress ur children with has a great impact on them...I remember mamma's friend who had initially named her child Durga had to change the name coz she seemed to be very violent..beleive it or not the moment they changed it to another name the little child started behaving a lil different from the violent behaviour...If I had a son(that is after marriage..I know we are in a modern world, but fortunately in India....giggles..I'll name him Yashas or Sahas u see..LOL...)

Ravi said...

Hmm... Soumya, you have given a different "twist" to the whole thing. That is what numerology is all about. Certain names create a pleasing effect in you and when you hear it again and again, it causes positive energy agreed, but does that always have to be trendy names? And some people even go to the extent of having strange spellings. According to me, all that is crap (Ofcourse, *according to me*). Thanks Soumya for coming by.

simplemissie said...

I cant disagree u c...yup numerology is crap !

Balaji S Rajan said...

I remember reading somewhere that 'Names' are the wonderful gifts given to us by our parents, which we tend to keep throughout our life. I think the names keep changing according to the period. I do not know how people will take it if the names like "Muthirulandi", and "Karuppannadevachandramugeeswaran" are kept. Anyhow, I assume people will get back to old names after few years. On the lighter side, I would like to say, one of my colleague kept his son's name as "Prince" and when I asked him the reason, he said that his father's name is "Pitchai" and he never liked that in his life, and atleast by name let his son be a prince. LOL.

R.Prabhu said...

Thats really a great post Ravi, yeah indeed we have lost a lot of good names, like Sembian Maadevi, Kundavai, Kodhai, Arinjeyan, Silai Udaiyaar to name a few and many names that reminds our lineage. Maybe if people need to me more fancier, they could add these wonderful names to their more fancier names eg, Sanjay Ramasamy, Sachin Srinivasan, etc.

Excellent comment and am happy that you are proud holding the name

Ravi said...

Balaji Sir,
Thanks for coming by. Romba naala updates illa-nu nenachen. More than changing with time, its the outlook to names which has changed. Instead of trying to be nicer by virtue, people deem more fit to be nicer by name ;-)

Thanks for coming by and welcome! Your suggestion is really nice, to add old names to new ones. I hope atleast by doing that, people will retain the old names. A read good suggestion.

Prabu Karthik said...

interesting post!

indha trend ngradhu eppo edhile epdi pogum nu solla mudiyadhu

for eg. take hotels. 15 yrs back all hotels were either 'bhavans' or 'vilas'.

ippo now we have anjappar arasappar, kaaraikudi, idli kadai..

its not just name, its a matter of projecting it nicely and the brand.

When 'Hutch' introduced their brand, i thought ennada idhu thumal podura madhiri nu nenachen..

see now? people r buying to get that brand...

so payyan peru dhaaralama virumandi nu irukalaam. if that guy turns out to be smart, intelligent,handsome like kamal, its not a handicapat all. Infact that will help him stand out from the crowd. my 2 cents :)

Ravi said...

PK, thanks for coming by. Yes, that's my point too but evvalavu peru will frown on hearing that name? Andha attitude dhaan maaranum-nu nenaikiren.

Sree's Views said...


Romba yosichi paathen!
We had a few girls with Tamizh names like Kundhavi, Kayal vizhi,Sudar Kodi,Kuzhali in our school.
But all said and done they stood out.It would be diff to pronounce
and everyday we would hear the teachers mis-pronounce them.
Hmm..while naming why not go for names that are easy to pronounce even tamil ones like Initha, Iniya, Kaavya, Oviya, Malar etc.
Just my thgt ! To each his own :)

Sree's Views said...

Ooops..I think Veda has already said what I put in my post!
Anyways...this adds strengh to the view :P

Ravi said...

Sri, sorry, ippo dhaan unga comments paarkuren. But still if we can't pronounce our own language names, its a shame in a way. I think this "avala nilai" exists in Tamilnadu only.