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Thursday, January 05, 2006

What's in a mousch?

The moustache, atleast in South India, has been the epitome of bravery, courage, heroism and more importantly masculanity. Though it may sound silly, I somehow fancy this attribution. Why? because I like moustache too but no, I don't sport one. The maintenance tasks involved dithered me from the idea of keeping one and hats off too all those bethren who do sport a mousch, I know what it takes to keep one!

People have been very innovative in moustaches too : from the handlebar, pencil drawn, Hitler types to the very trendy goatee.

But sadly in the recent era, moustache is losing its prominence. Not sporting a mousch seems to be more fancier than having one. Infact I hardly remember any 'uncle' from my previous generation who did not have a mousch. Well, the situation was different with the generation one step up from my uncles (the grandfathers era that is) - hardly anyone sported a mousch then.

In those days, one obvious criterion which distinguished a North Indian and a South Indian hero was the moustache - the heroes of the North almost never had one while is south, they were never devoid of one. But now looks like the South heroes have taken a clue from their northern counterparts - almost all heroes these days have shunned their mousches!

Another familiar trend is seen amongst people going abroad. Most foreign 'returnees' have their moustaches removed (if they had one earlier!) for reasons best known to them. Even stauch 'upholders' of moustaches give up their precious asset.

Some feel a clean shaven face gives a young look but I beg to differ. Kamalhassan (one of my favorite stars) looks more younger with a mousch than without one.

And another question doing the rounds often is : do women fancy men who don a mousch over men who don't? Hmm... opinions apart, there's definitely 'something' in a mousch huh?


sthupit girl said...

haha.. wher do u think of such stuff from??

lol..loved the post!

Filtered Sambhar said...

dude i seriously want to have a mush but sadly it doesnt grow!!!

Ravi said...

Preetika, good that u enjoyed the post. Wanted to give something 'light' this time and hence this topic!

Bharath, u still around? To have your mush grow, try applying coconut or castrol oil - it helps! ;-)

வேதா said...

hi ravi,
i am tagging u. jus visit my blog for details.

Ravi said...

oh Veda! Please! please... please... do I really have to do this? ;-)

வேதா said...

no no no not at all ravi, i am not going to compel, its ur wish yaar. i jus did this bcos this is the first time i have ever been tagged. so sorry.

Ravi said...

Veda, I was just joking. Not being serious at all. So no 'sorry'. Keep visiting!

வேதா said...

hi ravi,
thats ok,i take back the sorry.
anyway i read the post. u know "meesai" is something our people used to connect with the masculine quality(is that right word?), it is always related to braveness in tamil cinema, so basically tamil girls like meesai(may be most the girls).

Viewer said...

A total hillarious post :))

And I like the moustache grooming /growing tips u gave Bharath :)):P

Ravi said...

Viewer, good that you liked the post. Yes I had intended to make the post hilarious. Keep visiting!

Anonymous said...

shahrukh doesnot have a moush...except for once in paheli...don worry..ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

o I forgot t'was abt south indian men in general...hillarious one..u've got a great sense of humour....need some more of these stuff...plzzzzzzzzzz

Ravi said...

Soumya, thanks again. Yes, I do wish I can post more of such humour-filled posts as I looove comedy.