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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Does Urbanisation really help? And what is urbanisation? More often people (including myself) seem to attribute urbanisation with "modernisation". A city is deemed fit to be called developed if it has posh hotels, all steel and concrete buildings - preferrably high-rise ones, glitzy malls, lot of English speaking around, less of saress and chudis and more of jeans, t-shirts and skirts, san the flowers, bindis and bangles, more of coffees rather than kaapis... but is this development?

Okay, let me think... urbanisation or development would probably mean better roads, better transport, better access to heathcare, better sanitation and better availability of basic goods and services. But why is that such urbanisation always comes with a tinge (maybe a little more than a tinge) of moderness? I don't say being modern is wrong but our perception of moderness seems to dwell in the west. Anything western is modern! For heaven's sake NO! Eventually we tend to lose out on our very own, special, unique traditions and practices which even the westerners awe and at times emulate.

Yesterday, as I was returning home, I passed by a quiet alley with lots of trees, vast open lands. I saw people in most houses place a cot in the open area adjacent to their houses, with the FM radio mellowing some songs and the members lazily lying on the cots gazing the sky with little chit-chats. With the IT revolution catching up in the area, wonder if the trees, vast land and probably even the house would cease to exist!

I don't know if my thoughts have become like an old timer but I strongly feel we are losing out on something BIG in the name of urbanisation (read IT revolution!). Is there a way out?


Viewer said...

these are some down sides which comes wit werternization ... by the time people will realise their mistake it will might be too late to rectify it ....
Giood post ! esp the acurate definition of urbanisation :)

Anonymous said...

Probably we've gone too far with westernization would be a lil difficult now to come back to the good old times...We are not completely westernized..u can call it a fusion..sometimes we dress up very traditionally yet another time partially westernized..u look westernized and people think ur a party animal...u look traditional they name u "gowramma"..(I keep people's sort of fun at times..)..I dont know about the future but for now's fun

Balaji S Rajan said...

Interesting topic. Most of the urbanisation swallows the originality of the place. Whatever happens in the name of ....sations, our people have to go still to rations.

Ravi said...

Soumya, back to anonymous huh? Yes, it is a mix but inclining more towards westernization that too in urban areas. Thanks for visiting!

Balaji Sir, long time no see?? Thanks for your comments and please do keep visiting!

Prabu Karthik said...

urbanisation means BIG.. hugeness in everything and eventually we lose out the small town beauties...

this is like a rat race in the cities.. ppl keep running first they start out with reasons but then they just keep running and hope to find new reasons for running...

Ravi said...

Thanks PK for visiting again. Very true. Infact one of my fears about IT revolution is exactly that. We tend to lose on everything - see what has happened to B'lore. I hope the same doesn't happen to Madras or Coimbatore (two of my most fav cities)!

Anonymous said...

If I have something really serious and need help from you I'll create a blog again....I wonder how you can be sweet and straight forward,without any artificiality at the same time.....But you don stop blogging
Loads of luv

Ravi said...

Hey thanks Soumya, I am truly flattttttttered!!!

Anonymous said...

no flattery...I learnt this for you "nijama romba nalla iruke"

Anonymous said...

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