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Friday, March 23, 2007

Fashion, accessories, beauty parlours et al

I recently read a comment in Aval Vikatan from a student of NIFT, Chennai. She said that "Fashion is wearing what suits you best". How true! I have always been quite simple at dressing (ahem.. ahem...) - never the fashion freak - but also made sure I did not wear something which I felt I would not look good in. Somehow I hate the boot cut jeans. I tend to choose almost anything in black. I prefer T-shirts without collars to the ones with collars. I detest all garish colours (we used to call this "Govinda" colours) like red, mittai pink, orange and for the complexion that I have, these colours would only make me look very "fair". I don't use coolers or powder for face. No perfumes. No hair gels.

Nevertheless, I had always envied the choice which women get to wear - both in terms of colours, designs and types. We men are left with just pant, shirt and at the most - veshti, kurta-pyjamas. And adding to the huge list of garment types for women, are the accessories - right from the "pottu", ear rings, rings, necklaces to the many many fancy things which keep cropping up in T.Nagar every other day.

At times when men fancy such accessories, they are often ridiculed as being effeminate :( But I guess going by the current trend, the men folk are also catching up with the women.

I was surprised when I read in "The Week" a few years ago that men also resort to eyebrow threading, waxing and stuff. To me that just seemed "yuck". As I expressed my astoundment to my friends, it looked like I was the only one who was part of the "ignorant lot". I even had a classmate (guy) who would go for hair straightening once a while. And friends who often do bleaching and facials.

I am really apprehensive of trying anything un-natural. I am okay with home made treatments which do not cause harm and also produce good results though not instantly but to all those chemical applications - its a strict "NO NO". [As it is, I have a very "attractive" face, won't it be sensible if I don't make it worse lest make it better??!!]

Once, when I was in my regular salon, my inquisitiveness made me ask the barber about face bleaching techniques. Thinking I would be his prospective customer, he explained at length the process and even asked to book a time! but ofcourse, I had no such intentions. That day, jokingly, I told this to my friends and said I would probably try it over the weekend and the comment which my friend gave as a reaction discouraged me for such things for life!! He said or rather sang : "தங்கம் வச்சு தேச்சா கூட எருமை நிறம் வெளுக்காது" (in the "தில்லிக்கு ராஜானாலும்..." tune).
[Bad translation : "Even if you were to scrub a buffalo with gold, its colour wouldnt change"]


sthupit girl said...

Me thinks fashion is actually feeling good about yourself no matter what your wearing.

You could be in tracks and your oldest t shirt and still look 100 times better than someone whose wearing the most chic skirt and top.

Lemme know how your encounter with waxing goes, when and if you do try it ;)

'forever sthupitly.

Ravi said...

Yes, I agree... so in a way what I have said is same as yours. Waxing? me? plueeezzzz....

வேதா said...

/No perfumes. No hair gels./
உண்மையாகவா? ;)

/ I had always envied the choice which women get to wear - both in terms of colours, designs and types./
கண்டிப்பா உடைகள்,பேஷன் பொறுத்தவரை பெண்களுக்கு தான் முதலிடம்:)

ப்யூட்டி பார்லர்களுக்கு போவது என்பது இந்த காலக்கட்டத்தில் தவிர்க்க முடியாததாகிவிட்டது. வில் போன்ற புருவங்கள் எல்லாம் சங்க கால இலக்கியங்களில் தான் சாத்தியம்:) எல்லாம் த்ரெட்டிங் செய்யும் மாயம்:)

/"தங்கம் வச்சு தேச்சா கூட எருமை நிறம் வெளுக்காது" (in the "தில்லிக்கு ராஜானாலும்..." tune)./
ஹாஹா அந்த ட்யூனில் சொல்லிப்பார்த்தேன் சிரிப்பை அடக்க முடியல:)விவிசி:)

R.Prabhu said...

Nice post!! Reminds me of the Thillu Mullu dialogue

Thaengai Srinivasan: Yaen pa dress ivalo tight-a pottu irukae?

Rajini: Dress-ngurathu Udamba maraikka thaan Road-a perukka illa sir

Ippo fashion-ra perula enna ennamo nadakkudhu. Hmm. Nice post!!!

simple said...

Though I destest men waxing,it's okay to try something new,.... Giggles

simple said...

ah well..i clicked on okay to check whether it accepts my new google id...

well, u can experiment sum thin new and it simply might suit and bring about a new u.....

(My beleif about waxing is men will look more feminine...LOL!)

Ravi said...

But in my case I like the natural beauty more than made-up beauty. Edho, ennala inikku siricheengalae... sandhosham (enna vechu comedy keemedy ellaam paniteenganu sollunga)

Nandri... Yes, andha thillu mullu dialogue nalla nyabagam irukku.

Long time no see?? Yes, waxing seems yucky to me too. Never would I want to try that. Thanks!

Jeevan said...

Well said! I agree with you. we should be ourself.

Balaji S Rajan said...


yellam oru gilu giluppu thaan. I was like you many years before. But you need them now and then. Also should be careful from the hygenic side. I hate some places where they use cloth towels.

Ravi said...


Balaji Sir,
Yes, sometimes its okay but at times I can't stand when a 60 year old tries to show up like a 20 year old. So it will good if people stick to whatever makes them look good. Adhu dhaan unmaiyaana azhagu. Correct-a?

Sree's Views said...

Sorry for commenting so late...your post reminds me of the movie "what women want" :))
hmm..I agree with you that one shd dress acc to age and structure but I feel that using colognes , hair creams and perfumes are nice. When u look at well manicured hands...neat hair-style u get a good impression. Fragrance also puts a person at ease.
But as u pointed shd'nt be over done lest it puts ppl wearing loads of make-up.

Next..ya..there are more choice for women where it comes to accessories and clothes..pinna...ungala azha vaikka vendaama ;)

Ravi..there used to be a brand called 'bugle boy' .. T-shirts available in the US..ippo we are not able to get those..atleast the printed designs...I really like those kind of T-shirts for men :) They are knits.
Now a days I buye Nautica or Gap for gifts. Our park avenue also comes out with good ones the citrus collection they had (the green and orange was very good) .Color plus la floral designs shirts paatheengala..hibiscus poo ellam pottu kalakalaa irundhudhu :) Fab India kooda nalla irukkum hmm appuram Malaysia la Batik shirts kooda diff aa irukkum .
Ivalo tips kodutheney..enakku edhavadhu accessory gift unda ;-)

Ravi said...

Welcome back after a short hiatus. Enga poyiteenga ivvalvu naala?

Unga comments paarthu, I had mixed reactions - one was astonishment like "appada... ivvalavu matter irukka?"-nu. Next was amusement, adhuvum andha last line-la oru punch kodutheengalae... Sure why not? oru sticker pottu attai okayaa?? ha ha...

Sree's Views said...

//Enga poyiteenga ivvalvu naala?//
En comment section la sonneney..a bit preoccupied with work :)
Enanga idhu..sticker pottu attaikka ivalo vishayam sonnen :(
Ahdukku hankies pathi sollaradhey jaasthi :P
hmm how about a nice pair of earrings :)
Just kidding !!!
Innum edhavadhu tips venumna kelunga :)(free dhaan paa ;) )

Anonymous said...

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Earlene said...

Good post.